To See Their Demise EP

by Subordinate

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Haley S
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Haley S crust lives. in northern ireland. Favorite track: Clarity Of Purpose.
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released September 15, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Subordinate.
Mastered by Jack Control.
Artwork by Matt Salters.



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Subordinate Ireland

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Track Name: To See Their Demise
I'll see your walls crumble and palaces fall down
Riches and power will soon be gone
The control you abused will soon be at an end

To see your demise like a setting sun
To see the look in your eyes when we know your time is done

All hierarchies will cease to be
Who do you think paid to educate your slaves?
Transported your goods on the roads we paved
Track Name: Clarity Of Purpose
What the fuck is the point in all this needless rhetoric?
The real enemy is the one called the state
Money is your god and all the politicians control your life
You've taken our mind
You've stolen our lives

A wasting of energy
No focus or clarity
Abolish this system
End this perversion called law
You say you know what is right
But you struggle with a pointless fight

See the things that matter
Beside the ones that don't
Choose your future with
A clarity of purpose
Track Name: Rust
The way we work endlessly is a crime of humanity
Is this a life you want to live?
We are the dust ground by the cogs
Shaped by our masters shaped by our gods

To think this is the best we can do
Is this a life you want to live?
We are the cogs grinding the dust
Sooner or later we will start to rust

Words mean nothing, it's what you do
Actions speak louder than words
Defining you
So this is what you call your life?
From what I see you live a lie

The cogs are turning
Grinding you into dust
But they will rust
For change they must
Track Name: A.pathetic Nation
It's disgusting to see the shit mentality
You have towards almost everything
You have a choice, you throw it away
You make me sick every fucking day

User, not everything's for you
Ignorant of the things we need to exist

All for one and none for none
This idea of shit will kill us all off quick
The irony is that we brought this to be

All for one and none for none
Do you fucking know what you have done?
Do you even know what humanity means?

In the era of I no sacrafice is made
For the good of our kind comes the debt that must be paid
Just one life, don't use if for shit
Give yourself some fucking self-worth