Money Talks, People Perish

from by Subordinate



As money talks - people perish under the waves of greed,
Life is just currency, a commodity.
Recoil in terror at the rows of crosses,
Erected for black gold.
The world has become an investment,
Opportunity to be exploited,
Animals slaughtered, their blood on the shore,
Forests are destroyed.
Sent to early graves for the sake of profit making,
Expendable and faceless drones.

Money talks, people perish,
This game has always been played at the cost of life.
Millions starve, with people murdered every day;
So I ask - what is this?

So many suffer because of self-interest,
Wealth: this virus permeates us.
But it doesn't stop there it affects the whole fucking planet.

It's all related directly to you,
So be responsible about where it ends up.

What would happen if we stopped spending?
The world would fucking collapse.
This reliance shows the extent of which we have been tricked.

It's connected directly to you;
Respect existence or expect resistance.

The green sea came and flooded the world,
It corrupted everything that it touched - it drowned good intentions,
And paved the way for avarice.
Gold rained from the sky tainted, and dripping with blood,
Willfully ignorant, we played in the pools.

Money talks, people perish,
Broken bodies on the rocks.
Scattered carcasses with bones picked clean.


from Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance, released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


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