Motionless recipient of thought
Exist now in this empty shell

Beneath a perfect sky
I realize that it’s time for me to wake
And rise
Never to turn back
Wanting to live
I rise above

The pain and sorrow the children of tomorrow
Will experience as they pay for the sins of the father
Is not worth the small changes that can be made

It’s time to wake up now
And be reborn
The clock is ticking away

The message is painted red
With what?
With blood
And what does it say?
It says to get the fuck up
Awake and rise
So we can be free

But what does it mean?
What does it mean to be free?
Are you happy with all aspects of society?
What about a true expression of democracy?
What about you - your fucking liberty?

Let me wake


from Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance, released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


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