Judgment based on nothing; unfounded, untrue
Belief in your assumption, critical thought being absent

Judgment – since when do you hold the gavel?
Belief that makes you self-righteous, critical thought being absent

It’s in what you see and what you do
Everything, it’s in everyone

Judge by what you see – crippling belief
It’s matter of fact

You take it from society
Conditioned to exclude you

Everyone is susceptible to jump to conclusions
With no remorse and no second thought
Instead of making a false assumption
Try to see what lies beneath the veil

As we live through this prison
One which we did create
We must not judge others based on appearances
Creating unnecessary conflict; divide and conquer
Now tell me, where does the merit lie in that?

The sun rises and casts shadows around the rich and poor alike
The snow falls on both king and pauper

Destitute, I seek a source of humility
Trapped and locked
I see nothing outside myself
No illumination to guide

The choice is made
Bitterness grows
Shaped by ill will
Resentment flows
I raise a glass to my lips
The chalice handed down to me

Judgment will call you to the court

Judge by what you see – crippling belief
It is sickening


from Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance, released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


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